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Course Planning for Parents – Wed. Dec. 4

tough decisionsETHS Parents Engaged is hosting a meeting for the parents of current freshmen, sophomores and juniors, providing them the information they need to help their students make good choices of courses for the 2014-2015 school year. (Students will begin meeting with their counselors after Winter Break to begin course planning for the coming year. This is an opportunity for parents to ask questions of staff in advance of those meetings.)

There will be a representative from each department, a representative from the College and Career Center, and members of the counseling staff available to answer both general and specific questions.

It will begin with a Q&A panel, where parents may ask general questions about courses and how different options might affect post-secondary choices, followed by an opportunity for parents to talk to staff one-on-one about their own students’ options.

The meeting is scheduled for Weds. Dec. 4 at 7:00 pm in S-214.

Additional Resources:

2013-2014 Course Selection Guide (2014-2015 Guide will not be available before the meeting)
Proposed course changes for 2014-2015

REMINDER: While members of the counseling department will be on-hand to answer questions, this meeting is not intended for individual counseling. It is always better to discuss concerns and questions with your student’s counselor because they have the entire picture of the student. If you have specific questions about your student’s schedule, course options, or post-secondary plans, you are encouraged to contact your student’s counselor.

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