Join the School Improvement Team

The School Improvement Team (SIT) is charged with developing recommendations that address the district’s goal of ensuring high achievement for all students and eliminating the predictability of racial disparities in achievement. ETHS students, parents/guardians and staff and District 202 community members are invited to be part of the School Improvement Team. (See Pete Bavis’s letter below for more details.)
If you are interested in joining SIT contact Denise Donohue ( so she can add you to the roster.

Dear SIT members:

Welcome to SIT, version 2013-2014. The summer affords us an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of the past. As we look back, it is rewarding to see how effective SIT continues to be and has been over the years. SIT has contributed many successful school initiatives by developing a variety of recommendations such as the ones submitted to Dr. Witherspoon in spring of 2012.

This year we will refocus our work with a year of learning and data analysis.  The goal is to deepen our existing understanding of ETHS so that we continue our rich history of robust recommendations.

The SIT leadership is poised to facilitate a season of critical thinking, passionate discussions, and courageous conversations. Please join us for our first SIT meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 17th in S-214.  At this meeting we will discuss the calendar of meeting dates for the year.

We all look forward to beginning a new season and to seeing all of you at our first meeting September 17th.  You will receive an agenda prior to our meeting.


Pete Bavis

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

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